SWS International Scientific Conferences

SWS International Scientific Conferences are one of the most prominent and prestigious world multidisciplinary events in the annual agenda of each distinguished scientist. More than 20 years, these forums united scientists, researchers and practitioners from all around the globe to share, exchange and advance new discoveries and innovative technologies for a better sustainable future, based on the AIMS of 2030 AGENDA.

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SWS International Scientific Conferences and Extended Sessions

The overall goal of the SWS Scholarly Society Conferences and Extended Sessions is to bring together eminent scientists, researchers and artists, to involve various educational, business, non-profit and political institutions in a large-scale conversation in order to initiate a new way of worldwide scientific co-operation and facilitate effectiveness against the raising ecological and social problems by keeping the gender equality for one new sustainable future.

<span style="color:maroon;">Double-blind peer review</span>

Double-blind peer review

Strong double-blind peer review process for all submitted abstracts and manuscripts assured by distinguished team of international reviewers and powerful AMMS online platform..

<span style="color:maroon;">High Impact Factor</span>

High Impact Factor

Conference proceedings evaluated and indexed by the most prestigious scientific databases, which quarantine author's high visibility, citation & impacting.

<span style="color:maroon;">Keynote Speakers</span>

Keynote Speakers

Distinguished scientists, outbreaking topics, latest innovations and everyday active networking - the key for the best and most knowledgeable scientific experience!

<span style="color:maroon;">Panel Sessions</spn>

Panel Sessions

Panels discussions on up-to-date topics. Creative, vivid and powerful networking during round-table discussions, gathering a wide range of representatives of intellectuals and other active circles

<span style="color:maroon;">Workshop Sessions</span>

Workshop Sessions

Workshops, open-lessons, meet-the-editor sessions, are the guarantee for beneficial collaboration, finding new ideas and having best educational experience along with the regular presentations.

<span style="color:maroon;">SWS Society Awards</span>

SWS Society Awards

Awarding Ceremony is always giving appreciation to the Best Speakers, whose presentations are being highly evaluated by the session chairmen, during each ORAL/POSTER session, as well as anonymous voting by the audience.

Upcoming SWS Conferences in the fields of Social Sciences and Art (ISCSS & ISCAH)

"When Science Meets Art"

"When Science Meets Art", Vienna

ISCSS Extended Sessions Vienna Art
"When Science Meets Art"
06 Dec 2022, 10:30 AM
Vienna, Austria
"The Magic of the Renaissance"

"The Magic of the Renaissance", Florence

ISCAH Extended Sessions Florence Art
"The Magic of the Renaissance"
24 May 2022, 10:30 AM
Florence, Italy
ISCSS Conference on Social Sciences

SWS Social Sciences, ISCSS2022

International Scientific Conference on
Social Sciences ISCSS 2022
22 Aug 2022, 10:30 AM
Albena, Bulgaria
ISCAH Conference on Art and Humanities

Art and Humanities, ISCAH2022

International Scientific Conference on
Art and Humanities ISCAH 2022
22 Aug 2022, 10:30 AM
Albena, Bulgaria

Conference Sessions - Moments in Focus...

Attendee Testimonials | See What People are saying...

“A great conference, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between academic research and critical thinking during several panel discussions.“
Assoc. Prof. PhD Raluca Gheorghe Romanescu
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
“One of the best conferences in geosciences I’ve been to. The presentations were of superb quality and captured the excitement of recent developments in this field. For anyone interested in such topics I would unhesitatingly recommend the SGEM GeoConferences!“
Prof. Jiri Hudecek
VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
“Very good speakers from different countries and universities! I was excited to learn more about areas I don’t specialize in.
Multidisciplinary knowledge in one place - I love it!“
Asoss. Prof. Krysztof Bukowski
AGH University of Science and Technology Poland
“I loved the scientific level of each SWS conferences. Best networking and a lot of professional presentations during everyday plenary sessions that have given me inspiration for future projects.“
PhD Kim Stieger
Bauconsulting und Wirtschaftstraining, Austria
“…one of the most innovative and eye-opening professional experiences I’ve had. Aside from coming back with lots of new tips and ideas, I easily established new contacts, and formed stronger relationships.“
Prof. Monika Kotarska
Foundation for Lower Silesian Mineral Cluster, Poland
“The SWS conference format and all the workshops sessions, allow a wide variety of groups and individuals to meet and grapple with substantial issues in a fantastic and very productive way.
Admirations for the good work of the SWS scientific committee!“
Prof. Toshiaki Nishiyama
University of Tsukuba, Japan
“It was definitely a groundbreaking conference. It was a great interdisciplinary experience for me - very innovative and acknowledgeable.
For sure I will join again!“
Assoc. Prof. Timothy Glas
European Research Council
“Participating in any of the SGEM Conferences is always truly beneficial experience. Last year, during the event I met many distinguished researchers and
today we are presenting our common EU project.“
Prof. Baldo Velic
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Croatia